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Big Regrets From Former Mr. Big~

Chris Noth, who’s still best known for playing Mr. Big on Sex and the City, is ready to repent for all the harm that series did to New York. At the opening-night party for Talk Radio, he lamented, “What makes me really sick is how New York now looks like a bad imitation of Sex and the City. Meatpacking is a good example of just how fucked up it is. You can’t have a city that’s interesting where the only people living in it are rich. When I came here as a kid, as a young adult, you could get lost—many different worlds collided. You cannot say that today.” And his success has done the same thing to him. “As an actor, you can maybe move someone, make them laugh, make them think,” he says. “As a celebrity, you’re nothing but a snapshot for somebody to put above their urinal.” So don’t go and call him Mr. Big, okay? “It’s rude! When people call me ‘Mr. Big,’ I can’t help feeling a kind of contempt.”

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Name: You can call me JR
Age: 23
City/State of Residence: NC
Favorite show/movie that features Chris: uhhh...Law and Order (now and then), Sex and the City, The Perfect Man
Favorite Chris quote: Oooh...probably something from the Perfect Man, but I can't remember all his lines...ooh no, "Abso-f'n-lutly"
What do you hope Chris does more of (anything of your choice)?: Law and Order and more movies like Perfect Man..anything where he smiles really
What would you do if you were face to face with Chris? I'd stop drooling, then look up at him and say "Wow you're big" Then I'd ask for a piggy back ride. (Really, nothing dirty's something my friend and I used to do..asking random people for piggy back it sometime...see their reactions hehe)

I'm new. Hi!

Name:  Let's go with my nickname- Re.
Age: Haha...I'm a junior. Take a guess.
Place of Residence: Canadian through and
Favorite show/movie that features Chris: Law and Order/CI...and 'The Perfect Man' was pretty funny too.
Favorite Chris Quote: There's too many L&O quotes that I love...I can't keep track of them all...hmmm...OH! "He came in through the front, no, he came in through the back! No, he came down from heaven in a silver chariot!"
What do you hope Chris does more of?: Movies.
What would you do if you were face to face with Chris?: Ummm...probably try to be normal. Although I doubt very much that I would suceed in that endeavour. 

Well, I wish I could leave some kind of gift along with my introduction, but I can't make icons! Blah! Sorry!
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New fangirl

Name: Jannine
Age: 14 (15 in September)
City/State of Residence: London, United Kingdom
Favorite show/movie that features Chris: Law & Order and The Judge
Favorite Chris quote: ?
What do you hope Chris does more of (anything of your choice)?: Movies and guest appearances (on Parkison or Jonathan Ross)
What would you do if you were face to face with Chris? Ask him if it's really him?!!

P.S: I'm new to this community!
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